For almost 100 years very little has changed in the design and the handicraft of the first and legendary plywood cases with screw attached covers originally developed in England by the family of W.E. Hill.
Our cases are built with highest care and attention to detail. We keep up with the traditions of the old craftsmen! Every single case is still handmade, layer by layer – no matter if it is made of veneer or fibreglass. All major competitors have switched to moulded styrofoam shell techniques or other constructions to make their cases more economical. But the results are clear; these cases do not really protect your valuable instrument! The long lasting quality and ultimate protection offered by our hand laminated shells cannot be achieved by inferior Styrofoam shell cases!

We guarantee that in our cases there are no toxic or other contaminations, all materials come either from Europe or the USA. All materials are being monitored continuously.
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