This is where we start. Our workshop is the center of our daily work. The main room has plenty of sunlight all day long. Communication is free and easy – it is the perfect place to exchange ideas. Each member of our team has many years of training and experience. They have developed an outstanding ability to combine their creativity, their sense of the raw materials, as well as their highly developed making skills. The result can be seen in our student models.
Student Model instruments provide budding students with an affordable pathway to support further study and performance. Featuring traditional German craftsmanship combined with superior materials, the Student Models are regarded by educators and their students as wonderfully sonorous, responsive with very forgiving playability.
Violin W1 Key Specs
  • Offers maximum playability for beginners.
  • Constructed to last a lifetime featuring aged and hand selected tonewoods.
  • Responsive, with clarity and smoothness in tone.
  • Provides a pathway to build technique and musical expression.